Emily's story

My daughter Emily is 13½ years of age and has a port wine stain birthmark on her right arm from just below her thumb to just before her elbow. When Emily was born I was told by the doctor that it would disappear by the time she was seven, I kind of imagine he said that so not to worry me. We have never seen anyone with regards her birthmark and have never had any real concerns with regards to it, until a couple of years ago.

Emily has been doing gymnastics since she was eight and a couple of years ago it was suggested that her right arm was weaker than her left and this concerned me, if in fact the birthmark was something to do with this.  After I had another coach at another club look at how she did gymnastics, he told me that he couldn't see anything different from the right arm to the left. She has been at this club for nearly 2½ years now and is doing great. 

Emily hasn't had any problems with kids at school teasing her in any way, I only worry how this might change when she starts High school in September. Emily's birthmark changes colour depending on her temperature, when she is cold it is a blueish-purple colour and when she is warm it's bright pink. Emily says that part of her birthmark on her hand is shaped like a heart and won't want to get rid of it for anything. 

Emily wanted to say something about her birthmark as well. 

I LOVE my birthmark and I am extremely proud to have one! It makes me, me :) I honestly wouldn't like to get rid of it ever. I guess I'm lucky that at the two schools I have been to, not one person has teased me or even thought that it was odd. They just accepted it like I did. 

I'm surprised at how little people notice it (as well as myself). At first I told people the cat scratched me, then I said it was because I was squashed inside my mum when I was a baby but never that I didn't like it :D I'm honoured to have my birthmark x :)